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These are pages which aren't significant enough to rate a place on my home page, but which needed to be listed somewhere for easy access.  They are all single, one-off efforts (most of which are now out-of-date), but ones I didn't want to delete and lose.

Serengeti Sky
Solar Eclipse
(Partial, July 2000)
Parial Solar Eclipse (July 2000)

'Bottleglass Flowers'
Kathleen and
Mike Young

(and Jennie, 1988)
Kathleen and Mike Young (1988)

'Canada Day'
July 1st, 2001
Cats (Wuffums/Mocha)
and Sun (Solarized)

(July 4th, 2001)


Kathleen's Birthday
with Russ & Jen at
South Beach House
(July 19th, 2001)
My Birthday Dinner
with Marian
in Steveston
(August 14th, 2001)
My Birthday Dinner, with Marian in Steveston (celebrated August 14th, 2001)

Cindy's Wedding
(Cindy and Samantha
with Shawn looking on)
July 21st, 2001
Holiday Farm
(Kathleen with Dana
in Point Roberts)
August 19th, 2001


Salmon BBQ
Crescent Stables
(August 27, 2001)
LOTR Costumes
Before Attending the
Movie Premiere(s)
(December 19th, 2001)

Polaroids of Big Snowfall, January 27th, 2002
Polaroids of
Big Snowfall

(January 27, 2002)
Snow Bunnies
(and one snowy cat),
January 27, 2002


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