The Quintessential 'Lord of the Rings' Movie Shots

The Two Towers
Book Four, Chapter IV
Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit
Scene 1 - With Faramir in Ithilien
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Scene 1:  With Faramir in Ithilien
Faramir, younger
brother of Boromir
and son of Denethor...


...with some of his men, patrolling the woods
of North Ithilien




Frodo sleeping

(before or after eating?)

Obviously, the image of Faramir below is not from the same scene as the ones above,
as he is wearing a hooded cloak above, but a leather jerkin below.  It would seem
to match the lighting of the two following images of Frodo, but the images of Frodo
in the grasp of Faramir's men more matches the images above (daylight, not dusk)


Faramir again, but
dressed differently

Sam and Frodo...
Sam and Frodo, captured by Faramir's men
...captured by Faramir's men
Frodo in the men's grip
(the gauntlets are similar, but not identical, to Boromir's)


Sam is beside Frodo - we see
him from behind, with his pot
and rope attached to his pack


<- A sword-point holds up the Ring

Frodo looking defiant, although ->
surrounded by Faramir's men

'The Ring will not save Gondor;

it has only the power to destroy'

If the movie follows the book, Frodo and Sam are first detained by Faramir, then he
leaves them under guard while he and his men go off to fight the band of Haradrim that
are passing through (and Sam and Frodo observe the battle while remaining hidden)


The Haradrim marching

(Flag is black serpent on red)

Sam and Frodo watching...


...Faramir battle the enemy?

The Fallen Oliphant

(the one that Sam saw?)
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