The Quintessential 'Lord of the Rings' Movie Shots

The Two Towers
Book Three, Chapter VII
Helm's Deep
Scene 2 - The Forces of Good and Evil
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Scene 2:  The Forces of Good and Evil
Attack on Helm's Deep
Orcs attempting to enter Helm's Deep (concept art)
Original Concept Art

Watching the gathering forces of darkness...

Soldiers standing watch...

While the Enemy gathers...

...with the Lords of Rohan the Deeping Coomb







<- Meanwhile, the Lórien Bowmen
(cloaked) are climbing up to the walls

Legolas and Aragorn are looking ->
out over the walls of the Fastness


<- Haldir and the other Elves
have their bows nocked...

...while Aragorn is waiting ->
for the time to be right

The Elven Bowmen are
awaiting Aragorn's signal...




Arrows and spears fly and the battle begins!
Arrows and spears fly,
and the battle begins!


Ladders are being thrown
up against the walls...

Aragorn at the head...

...of the Elven army




Aragorn leading the Elves...

...fighting with swords...

...fighting with swords...
...& Uruk-hai meet an Elven soldier ->

Legolas fends off an Orc

Legolas:  "It's been
knife-work up here!"


...then 'surfing' down the stairs
to join the battle below

Gimli swinging his axe...

...hewing Orc necks

Éowyn and Ugluk?  In the Glittering Caves of Aglarond?  During the Battle of Helm's Deep?


<- Uruk-hai (Ugluk?) on the prowl...

Éowyn hiding, ready to strike ->


Meanwhile, a final desparate plan is being hatched...


Gandalf the White...

...first watching the battle,
then talking with Aragorn and
finally, directing the charge




Aragorn, riding Brégo (or Hasufel?)
Aragorn and Éomer...
...waiting to charge

Éomer, nephew (sister-son) of Théoden

Legolas on his horse

(also ready to charge?)

Gandalf the White!
Leading the charge...


Gandalf - 'The White Rider' - at Helm's Deep)
...into the heart of
the Enemy Forces


Gimli, after the battle,
smoking his pipe, surrounded
by some of the orcs he killed

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