The Fellowship of the Ring
Movie Script - Book Two, Chapter X
The Breaking of the Fellowship
All Scenes (1, 2 and 3)
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Scene 1:  Arrival at Parth Galen, Frodo and Boromir on Amon Hen
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Aragorn: We cross the lake at nightfall.  Hide the boats and continue on foot.  We approach Mordor from the North.
Gimli: Oh yes?  Just a simple matter of finding our way through
Emyn Muil, an impassible labyrinth of razor-sharp rocks.
And after that, it gets even better.  (Pippin looks up...)
Festering, stinking marshlands, far as the eye can see.
Aragorn: That is our road.  I suggest you take some rest
and recover your strength, Master Dwarf.
Gimli: Recover my...  Grrr...
Legolas: We should leave now...
Aragorn: No.  Orcs patrol the eastern shore.
We must wait for cover of darkness.
Legolas: It's not the eastern shore that worries me.
A shadow and a threat have been growing in my mind.
Something draws near - I can feel it.
Gimli: Recover my strength...  Hmph!
Pay no heed to that, young hobbits...
Merry: Where's Frodo?

(Sam starts awake in the corner where he was dozing.
They notice that Boromir has also gone missing
and that his shield is still sitting with his pack)

(We see Frodo walking in the woods, then Boromir)
Boromir: None of us should wander alone, you least of all.  So much depends on you.  Frodo?  I know why you seek solitude.  You suffer.  I see it day by day.  Are you sure you do not suffer needlessly?  There are other ways, Frodo, other paths that we might take.
Frodo: I know what you would say and it would seem like
wisdom, but for the warning in my heart.
Boromir: Warning!  Against what?  We are all afraid Frodo.
But to let that fear drive us to destroy what hope we have...  Don't you see?  That is madness...
Frodo: There is no other way.
Boromir: I ask only for the strength to defend my people!

(He throws down the firewood he's been gathering)

If you would but lend me the ring...
Frodo: No!

(Frodo backs up)
Boromir: Why do you recoil?  I am no thief...
Frodo: You are not yourself.
Boromir: What chance do you think you have?
They will find you.  They will take the ring.
And you will beg for death before the end!

It is not yours save by unhappy chance.
It could have been mine.  It should have been mine!
Give it to me!


Give it to me!

(Frodo puts on the ring and disappears)

I see your mind.
You will take the ring to Sauron.
You will betray us.
You go to your death, and the death of us all!
Curse you!  Curse you!  And all the halflings!

(Boromir falls down and gets a mouthful
of dry leaves and comes to his senses)

Frodo?  Frodo?  What have I done?
Please, Frodo.  Frodo...

(We see Frodo in the Wraith-world.  He hears Boromir calling as he climbs to the very top of Amon Hen and sees Barad-Dûr and the Eye and hears the voice of Sauron.  Then he takes off the Ring and falls to the ground.
Aragorn comes on him and startles him)
Aragorn: Frodo!
Frodo: It has taken Boromir.
Aragorn: Where is the Ring?
Frodo: Stay away!
Aragorn: Frodo, I swore to protect you.
Frodo: Can you protect me from yourself?

(long pause)

Would you destroy it?
The Ring: (whispers)  Aragorn...  Elessar...
Aragorn: I would have gone with you to the end.
Into the very fires of Mordor.
Frodo: I know.  Look after the others, especially Sam.
He will not understand.

(Aragorn sees that Sting is blue)
Aragorn: Go, Frodo!

Run...  Run!

Scene 2:  Battles with the Urûk-hai  (Aragorn, Legolas/Gimli, Boromir)
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  (Aragorn turns to face the Urûk-hai and the fight begins)

(There's a quick shot of Sam, still looking for Frodo)
Sam: Mr. Frodo?
Lurtz: Find the halflings!  Find the halflings!

(Aragorn fights the Urûk-hai, some of whom force him backwards up the steps to the top of the ruin, where he fights them off, then jumps back down onto another group)

(Legolas and Gimli show up and also engage the Orcs)
Legolas: Aragorn, go!   (so that Aragorn can look for Frodo?)

(Meanwhile, Frodo has been running down the hill.  He stops for a moment to hide behind a tree and sees that Merry and Pippin are across from him, also hiding)
Merry: Frodo!
Pippin: Hide here, quick.  Come on!

(to Merry)  What's he doing?
Merry: He's leaving...
Pippin: No!  (he climbs out of their hiding place)
Merry: Pippin!  (he also comes out)
(to Frodo)  Run Frodo.  Go!

Hey you, over here!

(Frodo leaves)
Pippin: It's working!
Merry: I know it's working - run!

(More of Aragorn fighting the Urûk-hai)

(Other Urûk-hai are chasing Merry and Pippin.
Boromir comes to their rescue)

(Aragorn and Legolas hear Boromir's horn)
Legolas: The Horn of Gondor!
Aragorn: Boromir!  (he leaves)

(Lurtz shoots Boromir with his bow.  Boromir is hit, but gets up and fights some more.  Lurtz hits him with another arrow.  Boromir still gets back up.  Lurtz hits him a third time and he does not get back up.  Merry and Pippin charge into the fray;  the Urûk-hai carry them away.  Lurtz goes up to Boromir to finish him off, but Aragorn jumps on him.  They fight back and forth until - after being pinned to a tree by Lurtz' shield and sticking him with a knife - Aragorn finally decapitates him.  Then Aragorn goes to Boromir)
Boromir: They took the little ones!
Aragorn: Stay still.
Boromir: Frodo!  Where is Frodo?
Aragorn: I let Frodo go.
Boromir: Then you did what I could not.
I tried to take the ring from him.
Aragorn: The Ring is beyond our reach now.
Boromir: Forgive me, I did not see.
I have failed you all.
Aragorn: No Boromir.  You fought bravely.
You have kept your honor.

(Aragorn attempts to pull out one of the arrows)
Boromir: Leave it.

It is over.  The world of men will fall and all will come to darkness, and my city to ruin.
Aragorn: I do not know what strength is in my blood, but I swear to you, I will not let the White City fall.  Nor our people fail!
Boromir: Our people... our people.

(Aragorn gives him back his sword)

I would have followed you my brother...
my Captain... my King.

(Boromir dies)
Aragorn: Be at peace, son of Gondor.

(Legolas comes running up, then Gimli)

Scene 3:  Two Go East, One Goes South, Five Go West
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  (We see Frodo at the shore, looking across the lake)

(Sam is running through the bush)
Sam: Frodo!  Frodo!
Frodo: (He is holding the Ring in his hand and he
remembers talking with Gandalf in Moria:

"I wish the ring had never come to me,
I wish none of this had happened."

"So do all who live to see such times,
but that is not for them to decide.
All you have to decide is what to do
with the time that is given to you."

Frodo knows what he must do.  He puts the Ring
into his pocket, gets into a boat and pushes off.

Sam reaches the shore just in time to see him paddling out)
Sam: Frodo, no!  Frodo!  Frodo...
Frodo: No, Sam.

(Sam starts out into the lake)
Frodo: Sam, go back.  I'm going to Mordor alone.
Sam: Of course you are.  And I'm going with you!
Frodo: You can't swim!

(Sam wades right out into the water)


(Sam sinks under the water)


(We see Frodo's hand reach down and grab Sam's arm and pull him up)
Sam: I made a promise, Mr. Frodo, a promise.
Don't you leave him, Samwise Gamgee,
and I don't mean to. I don't mean to...
Frodo: Oh, Sam...

(They hug)

Come on.

(They pick up their paddles and move off across the lake)

(We see Boromir go over the falls)

(Aragorn is strapping on Boromir's gauntlets
Legolas starts to push a boat out into the water)
Legolas: Hurry!  Frodo and Sam have reached the eastern shore.

(We see their boat pulled up on the other side
of the lake and them climbing the hill)

You mean not to follow them.
Aragorn: Frodo's fate is no longer in our hands.
Gimli: Then it has all been in vain.  The Fellowship has failed.
Aragorn: Not if we hold true to each other.  We will not abandon Merry and Pippin to torment and death.  Not while we have strength left.  Leave all that can be spared behind.
We travel light.  Let's hunt some Orc!
Gimli: Yes!

(Frodo and Sam have reached the top of the hill looking East over the Emyn Muil and the Dead Marshes)
Frodo: Mordor.  I hope the others find a safer road.
Sam: Strider'll look after 'em.
Frodo: I don't suppose we'll ever see them again.
Sam: We may yet Mr. Frodo.  We may...
Frodo: Sam.  I'm glad you're with me.

(They start to climb down the other side, towards Mordor)

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