The Fellowship of the Ring
Movie Script - Book Two, Chapter IX
The Great River
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Scene 1:  Journey Down the Anduin   (Click HERE for the associated images)
  (The Fellowship pass out into the Great River, the Anduin, and continue their journey south.  We see many scenes of them on the river, paddling through various different types of countryside.  Interspersed with these scenes are ones of Lurtz and the Urûk-hai, converging on the same place where the Fellowship are headed - Amon Hen, on the shores of Nen Hithoel. Just before they come into that lake, which is really just a widening of the River before it tumbles over Rauros Falls, they pass the ancient Northern border of the Kingdom of Gondor, marked by two giant statues of men.  Aragorn taps Frodo on the shoulder and points up...)
Aragorn: Frodo.  The Argonath.

Long have I desired to look upon
the Kings of old, my kin.

(Frodo and Sam look up in wonder.  Boromir is deeply moved to be returning to his homeland.  Pippin and Merry, who share his boat with him, are also amazed.  They speed past the huge foot of one of the statues and out into the lake, where they pull into the shore)

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