The Quintessential 'Lord of the Rings' Movie Shots

The Fellowship of the Ring
Book Two, Chapter VI
Scene 1 - Grief in Dimrill Dale,
Encounter with Lórien Elves
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Scene 1:  Grief in Dimrill Dale, Encounter with Lórien Elves
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Come Boromir, Legolas, Gimli:  Get them up.  On your feet, Sam.  Frodo?  Frodo!









Aragorn looking down from the Dimrill Dale...


...over the valley of the Anduin, towards Lórien

The Golden Wood, as seen from the Dimrill Dale

Originally, this next set of images was in Chapter III, in Eregion/Hollin on the other side of the mountain, but after seeing the movie and looking at them more closely, I've decided they are actually from this scene, where they've come out of Moria and after Aragorn has gotten them up to follow him down to Lothlórien.
Four Hobbits
<- Four Hobbits / Aragorn ->




  Boromir's Horn...



  Gimli's Battle Axe...
(with his quiver and knife)



The Fellowship...
The Fellowship (minus one)
...minus one

This next set of images were some of the first ones to be released, but this scene - of Orcs pursuing the Fellowship out of Moria - isn't in the movie.  Neither are the subsequent scenes of the battle between the Lórien Elves and those Orcs (with the Fellowship getting caught in the middle) and its aftermath.







Fleeing Moria
The Fellowship, pursued by Orcs
Pursued by Orcs
Orc pursuing Fellowship
Pursued by Orcs

As the Fellowship flees, we see an arrow being shot over their heads, aimed at the pursuing orcs,
presumably by Haldir and company (look just above Merry in the rightmost image)




Legolas also turns to
shoot at their pursuers
Legolas turns to shoot
Lórien Elves checking the...

Lorien Elves, after the battle

...casualties after the battle


The images from the actual movie resume here, as the Fellowship runs across a field and into the forest

The Fellowship running across
a field and into the forest...


...which turns out to be the
Golden Wood of Lothlórien

Stay close, young
Hobbits.  They say...

...that a great sorceress
lives in these woods...

I have the eyes of a hawk
and the ears of a fox...

The Dwarf breaths
so loud...

...I could have shot him
in the dark

Calaglin, Elf of Lorien










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