The Quintessential 'Lord of the Rings' Movie Shots

The Fellowship of the Ring
Book Two, Chapter III
The Ring Goes South
Scene 2 - Traversing Hollin
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Scene 2:  Traversing Hollin   (Script - use right mouse button to open in a separate window)

Map of Middle Earth:
From Rivendell to Lorien

Four hobbits going south:
Pippin, Frodo, Merry and Sam

The Fellowship:
Setting out from Rivendell


The Fellowship leaving Rivendell (left)
The Fellowship leaving Rivendell (right)
Bill the Pony  


The Fellowship in Hollin (close-up of image below on the right)
Crossing Eregion/Hollin (combination photograph/concept art)

Crossing Eregion/Hollin, with
the Misty Mountains on their left


Crossing Eregion/Hollin


Gandalf (snow shadow)
The Fellowship (#5)

The Fellowship passing
some ancient ruins in Hollin
(note Bill the Pony)




Gandalf in Hollin... ->

<- ...and with Legolas


Gandalf is leading the way,
Legolas and Gimli follow


Frodo, Merry and Pippin come next
and Sam, with Bill the pony


then Boromir (with his huge shield)
and Aragorn bringing up the rear
and Aragorn brings up the rear
The Fellowship taking
a well-earned rest...


...for food, fun and
fencing practice

Sausages, crispy bacon...

...and no ashes this time!



If anyone were to
ask my opinion...

...which I note
they're not...
I'd say we were taking
the long way round...

No Gimli, I would not
take that road...

Legolas' keen elf eyes are the first to spot the danger;  Gimli is visible on the rocks below and behind him


...from Dunland!

Now Boromir and Aragorn see it...



Frodo and Aragorn
dashing for cover



Frodo and Aragorn
crouching under an overhang


The Crebain, ravens in the service of Saruman,
The Crebain, ravens in the service of
Saruman, spying on the Fellowship

...spying on the Fellowship

Merry, Pippin and Sam
are also hiding

Sam is also hiding from the birds prying eyes

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