The Quintessential 'Lord of the Rings' Movie Shots

The Fellowship of the Ring
Book Two, Chapter II
The Council of Elrond
Scene 3 - The Forming of the Fellowship
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Scene 3:  The Forming of the Fellowship
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One does not simply walk into Mordor...  Not with ten thousand men could you do this...



Have you heard nothing Lord Elrond has said?  The Ring must be destroyed!



Gandalf and Boromir arguing...
<- Gandalf and Boromir arguing

  Elves and Dwarves arguing ->

The Ring!
The Ring!

Arguments escalate, tempers flare;  the 'voice' of the Ring is getting louder and louder:
Ash nazg durbatulūk, ash nazg gimbatul   Ash nazg thrataulūk agh burzim-ishi krimpatul!



I will take the Ring...  I will take the Ring to Mordor... though I do not know the way



I will help you bear this burden, Frodo Baggins, for as long as it is yours to bear
If, by my life or death...


...You have my sword


Gandalf looks at Elrond as if to say:
We CAN place our hope in Men!

Elrond looks less than convinced


And you have my bow
<- Legolas:  And you have my bow!

Gimli:  And my Axe! ->

You carry the fate of
us all, little one...

If this is indeed the
will of the Council, then
Gondor will see it done
...Mr. Frodo's not goin'
anywhere without me!


No, indeed.  It is hardly
possible to separate you,
even when he is
summoned to a secret
council and you are not!


Merry and Pippin, watching the Council

Hey, we're comin' too!



You need people of intelligence on
this sort of mission, quest, thing

Well, that rules you out Pip

So be it.  You shall be
The Fellowship of the Ring


Where are we going?

The Nine Members of The Fellowship
(Although none of these images are actually from this chapter/scene, they make a nice set to put here)


The Fellowship:  Boromir






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