The Quintessential 'Lord of the Rings' Movie Shots

The Fellowship of the Ring
Book Two, Chapter I
Many Meetings
Scene 3 - Gandalf and Elrond Confer
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Scene 3:  Gandalf and Elrond Confer
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That wound will
never fully heal -
he will carry it for
the rest of his life...

And yet, to have come
this far still bearing
the Ring, the Hobbit has
shown extraordinary
resilience to it's evil.

We can ask no more of Frodo...

...And Saruman, you
tell me, has betrayed us -
Our list of allies grows thin...

His treachery runs deeper than you know.  By foul craft Saruman has crossed Orcs with goblin men.  He's breeding an army in the Caverns of Isengard, an army that can move in sunlight and cover great distance at speed.


Saruman is coming for the Ring.

...This evil cannot be
concealed by the
power of the Elves...

This peril belongs to
all Middle-earth.
They must decide
now how to end it...

Boromir arriving in Rivendell
(on horseback, by himself)



Legolas arriving (with
other Mirkwood Elves)



The Dwarven contingent arrives...

<- Tidings of Erebor                    

          Gloin, Friend to Thorin ->


Gloin... and Gimli, son of Gloin
Gimli, son of Gloin, arrives in Rivendell

<- A Dwarf Guard                        

        Grimir, a Dwarven Elder ->


Gandalf and Elrond,
resuming their conversation
in another part of Rivendell
Gandalf in Rivendell


Gandalf sitting beside a fireplace (NOT in Bag End)
I was there, three
thousand years ago...

I was there the day the
strength of men failed...

Isildur... Cast it into
the fire!  Destroy it!

Elrond, as Isildur is leaving
There is one who
could unite them;
one who could reclaim
the Throne of Gondor...

He turned from that
path a long time ago.
He has chosen exile...
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