The Quintessential 'Lord of the Rings' Movie Shots

The Fellowship of the Ring
Table of Contents - Scene by Scene
Book One
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Prologue   (Script)

Scene 1 - The Forging of the Rings
Scene 2 - The Last Alliance
Scene 3 - Meeting Sauron's Forces
Scene 4 - The Fall of Sauron

Book One, Chapter I - A Long-expected Party   (Script)
Scene 1 - The Shire, 60 years later
Scene 2 - Shire Landscapes
Scene 3 - Arrival at Bag End
Scene 4 - The Birthday Party (Part 1)
Scene 5 - The Birthday Party (Part 2)
Scene 6 - Bag End, After the Party,
                Mordor/Black Riders/Minas Tirith

Book One, Chapter II - The Shadow of the Past   (Script)
Scene 1 - Frodo and Gandalf at Bag End,
                The Ring is Revealed as the One
Scene 2 - How the Ring Came to Frodo,
                Bounder/Nazgûl, Gandalf/Sam

Book One, Chapter III - Three is Company   (Script)
Scene 1 - Leaving the Shire
Scene 2 - The Treachery of Orthanc
Keep up, Samwise!
Book One, Chapter IV - A Shortcut to Mushrooms (Script)
Scene 1 - Frodo/Sam meet Merry/Pippin,
                Encounter with a Black Rider
Scene 2 - Race to the Bucklebury Ferry

Book One, Chapter IX - At the Sign of the Prancing Pony
Scene 1 - Arrival in Bree, At the Inn
The hobbits (Frodo) speaking to Barliman Butterbur
Book One, Chapter X - Strider   (Script)
Scene 1 - Black Riders/Aragorn/Attack

Book One, Chapter XI - A Knife in the Dark   (Script)
Scene 1 - Leaving Bree
Scene 2 - Destruction of Isengard
Scene 3 - Journey to Weathertop
Scene 4 - Nazgûl Attack Hobbits
Scene 5 - Strider to the Rescue
Aragorn and the hobbits (and Bill) approaching Weathertop
Book One, Chapter XII - Flight to the Ford   (Script)
Scene 1 - Orthanc Moth, Isengard Caverns
Scene 2 - Troll's Clearing/Arwen's Arrival
Scene 3 - Race to the Ford
Scene 4 - At the Bruinen
Arwen and Frodo fleeing the Nazgul
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