The Fellowship of the Ring
Movie Script - Book One, Chapter XII
Flight to the Ford
All Scenes (1, 2, 3 and 4)
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Scene 1:  Orthanc Moth, Isengard Caverns
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  (We swoop down through the Isengard caverns,
up to the top of Orthanc where a moth flutters by.
Gandalf catches it, whispers to it, then lets it go.

Another sweeping shot back down the side of Orthanc
and into the caverns:  Orcs are working furiously,
making weapons and armour.

Saruman arrives with some of his minions,
watching the activities.  They observe the
birth of Lurtz, who promptly strangles the Orc Overseer)

Scene 2:  Troll's Clearing/Arwen's Arrival
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  (They are in the clearing where Bilbo was held captive by
the giant trolls, until they were turned to stone by the sun)
Sam: Mr Frodo?  He's goin' cold!
Pippin: Is he going to die?
Aragorn: He's passing into the shadow world -
he'll soon become a wraith like them...
  (We hear the Nazgûl screaming nearby)
Merry They're close...
Strider: Sam, do you know the athelas plant?
Sam: Athelas?
Strider: Kingsfoil?
Sam: Kingsfoil - ah, it's a weed...
Strider: It may help to slow the poison - hurry!
  (They take off into the woods with their torches to look for it.  Aragorn finds some and is crouching down to cut off a sprig when we see the point of a sword held to his neck)
Arwen: What's this?  A Ranger, caught off his guard?
  (Back in the clearing, Frodo sees a bright light
and we see Arwen arrive on Asfaloth, looking the way
she appears on 'the other side', in the Blessed Lands.
She bends down and talks to Frodo, in Elvish.)
Arwen: Frodo, Im Arwen.  Telin le thaed.
(Frodo, I am Arwen.  I come to help you.)

Lasto beth nîn, tolo dan na ngalad.
(Hear my voice, come back to the light.)
Merry Who is she?
Arwen: Frodo...
Sam: She's an elf...
Arwen: He's fading.  He's not going to last.
We must get him to my father.
  (Aragorn picks up Frodo and carries him to Arwen's horse)
Arwen: I've been looking for you for two days.
Merry Where are you taking him?
Arwen: There are five wraiths behind you.
Where the other four are, I do not know...
Aragorn: Dartho guin Beriain.  Rych le ad tolthathon.
(Stay with the Hobbits.  I will send horses for you.)
Arwen: Hon mabathon.  Rochon ellint im.
(I will take him.  I am the swifter rider.)
Aragorn: Andelu i ven.
(The road is very dangerous.)
Pippin: What are they saying?
Arwen: Frodo fîr.  Ae athradon i hir, tur gwaith nîn beriatha hon.
(Frodo is dying.  If I get across the river,
the power of my people will protect him.)

I do not fear them.
Aragorn: Be iest lîn.
(According to your wish.)

Ride hard!  Don't look back!
Arwen: Noro lim, Asfaloth!  Noro lim!
(Run fast, Asfaloth!  Run fast)
Sam: What are you doin'?
Those wraiths are still out there!

Scene 3:  Race to the Ford   (Click HERE for the associated images)
  (We see Arwen riding Asfaloth (who is also carrying
Frodo), first in the dark, then later in the daylight,
running across some open lands.  Then the Black
Riders appear and get closer and closer to Arwen.
She darts back and forth in the woods and on the
plains, trying to lose them and to get ahead of them)
Arwen: Noro lim, Asfaloth!
(Run fast, Asfaloth!)
  (She gets away from them long enough to get to
the Ford of the Bruinen first)

Scene 4:  At the Bruinen   (Click HERE for the associated images)
  (Arwen raises her sword from the far side of the River and
the Nazgûl pause on the other side and raise theirs also)
Nazgûl: Give up the halfling, she-elf.
Arwen: If you want him, come and claim him!
  (The Nazgûl start to cross the River and
Arwen speaks an Elvish invocation)

Nin o Chithaeglir, lasto beth daer:
Rimmo nin Bruinen dan in Ulaer!

Nin o Chithaeglir, lasto beth daer:
Rimmo nin Bruinen dan in Ulaer! (louder)

(Waters of the Misty Mountains, listen to the great word:
Flow waters of Loudwater against the Ringwraiths!)
  (The water floods up and sweeps the Nazgul away.
Frodo is gasping as Arwen lays him down beside the river.)
Arwen: No! Frodo, no!
Frodo - don't give in, not now!

What grace is given me, let it pass to him,
let him be spared, save him...
Elrond: Lasto beth nîn, tolo dan na ngalad.
(Hear my voice, come back to the light)

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