The Quintessential 'Lord of the Rings' Movie Shots

The Fellowship of the Ring
Book One, Chapter XI
A Knife in the Dark
Scene 5 - Strider to the Rescue
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Scene 5:  Strider to the Rescue   (Script - use right mouse button to open in a separate window)
Strider is a blur of action
Strider/Aragorn striking
at the Ringwraiths






Strider continues to
hold off the Nazgûl


<-Nazgūl facing Aragorn ->

Aragorn engages the enemy





One Nazgûl burns,
Aragorn fights another

One Nazgul burns, Aragorn fights another (slightly different version)
Aragorn, drawing his sword (NOT Anduril)


Aragorn senses the final
Nazgûl behind him...


...and he turns and nails
him with the torch!

While Strider fights
the Ringwraiths...

...Sam comforts Frodo



Once the Nazgûl have been dealt with, Aragorn turns his attention to the injured Frodo...
He's been stabbed by a
Morgul Blade...

This is beyond my skill to heal
He needs Elvish medicine...

But we're six days
from Rivendell

He'll never make it...
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