The Fellowship of the Ring
Movie Script - Book One, Chapter IV
A Shortcut to Mushrooms
Scenes 1 and 2
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Scene 1:  Frodo/Sam meet Merry/Pippin, Encounter with a Black Rider
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Sam: Mr. Frodo?  Frodo??  Frodo!!
I thought I'd lost you...
Frodo: What are you talking about?
Sam: It's just sumpthin' that Gandalf said...
Frodo: What did he say?
Sam: Don't you lose him, Samwise Gamgee, and I don't mean to.
Frodo: Sam, we're still in the Shire - what could possibly happen...

(Pippin and Merry burst out of the corn and bowl over Sam and Frodo)
Pippin: Frodo!  Merry, it's Frodo Baggins!
Merry: Hullo, Frodo!
Sam: Get off him...

What's the meaning of this?
Pippin: Hold these  (He loads Sam up with stolen veggies)
Sam: You've been into Farmer Maggot's crops...
Farmer Maggot:  
(ranting offscreen)
Hey you, stay off my fields...
Merry: I don't know why he's so upset,
it was only a couple of carrots
Pippin: ...and some cabbages ...and those three bags of potatoes that we lifted last week ...and then the mushrooms the week before.
Merry: Yes, Pippin, my point is, he's clearly over-reacting.

(they get to the edge of the cliff and stop, until Sam bumps into them, then they all tumble down the slope)
Pippin: Ooh, that was close...
Merry: I think I've broken something
Sam: Trust a Brandybuck and a Took
Merry: What?  That was just a detour, a shortcut...
Sam: A shortcut to what?
Pippin: Mushrooms!

(Frodo senses something on the road)
Frodo: I think we should get off the road...

Get off the road!  Quick!

(they hide down in some tree roots;  the Black Rider comes up then gets off his horse and bends down.  Insects crawl out of the woodwork;  Frodo is tempted to put on the ring.  Sam stops him, then Merry tosses something and the Rider leaves)
Merry: What was that?

Scene 2:  Race to the Bucklebury Ferry   (Click HERE for the associated images)
Dusk: (various shots of black Riders and horses in the woods)
Frodo: Anything?
Merry: Nothing...
Pippin: What is going on?
Merry: That black rider was looking for something... or someone...
Pippin: Get down!
  (Black Rider appears silhouetted against the light)
Frodo: I must leave the Shire
Sam and I must get to Bree
Merry: Bucklebury Ferry - follow me...
  (the Black Rider shows up in front of Sam and Frodo)
Merry: This way!  Follow me!
Pippin: Get the ropes, Sam
Sam: Frodo!  Run Frodo!  Frodo!
Frodo: Go!  (He wants them to cast off)
  (Frodo leaps onto the raft, landing in a heap
on top of Sam and Pippin.
The Black Rider and his horse scream to a halt at the end of the little dock, then turn and go back up to join two other riders.  All three of them gallop off to the North)
Frodo: How far to the nearest crossing?
Merry: Brandywine Bridge... 20 miles.

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