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The Fellowship of the Ring
Book Two, Chapter IV (A Journey in the Dark)
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Chapter IV:  A Journey in the Dark

The Fellowship at the doors:
Pippin, Legolas, Merry,
Gimli, Gandalf, Frodo

Gandalf tries to open the Gate

Moria Gate

The Doors of Durin,
Lord of Moria.

Speak, Friend, and enter.


Frodo and Gandalf outside the
Moria Gate as it starts to open

Frodo prepares to enter Moria


Suddenly, Boromir and Aragorn are
threatened by the waving tentacles
of the 'Watcher in the Water'

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With the tentacles coming closer, the
Fellowship are scrambling to get inside
(Legolas is helping Pippin, on the left)



As Gandalf leads the way, the Fellowship
makes their way into the Mines of Moria

Let us hope our presence here
may go unnoticed

Gandalf and Frodo in Moria

The Fellowship in Moria
(watched by Gollum?)
Boromir:   'One does not
simply walk into Mordor'
Frodo:   'There is
no other way'

'There's something down there,
isn't there, Gandalf?'

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