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The Fellowship of the Ring
Book One, Chapter XI (A Knife in the Dark)
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Chapter XI:  A Knife in the Dark

As they prepared for sleep in the inn at Bree, darkness lay
on Buckland;  a mist strayed in the dells and along the
riverbank.  The house at Crickhollow stood silent.
The Gate into Bree, from the inside
 The Gate into Bree, from the inside
(just as the Nazgûl start to break it down)
The Nazgul breaking down and charging through the Gate !
The Nazgûl breaking down and  
charging through the Gate !
 Bree (dawn and later)

Outside "The Prancing Pony"



Strider approaches the sleeping hobbits ->
(Note Bill the Pony in the background)

The Midgewater Marshes

'I am being eaten alive!' cried Pippin.
'Midgewater!   There are more
midges than water!'

'What do they live on when they can't get
hobbit?' asked Sam, scratching his neck.
Strider and the Hobbits in the Midgewater Marshes

Lightning at Weathertop
    As Frodo lay, tired but unable to close his eyes, it seemed to
    him that far away there came a light in the eastern sky;
    it flashed and faded many times.  It was not the dawn,
    for that was still some hours off.

    'What is that light?' he said to Strider, who had risen,
    and was standing, gazing ahead into the night.

    'I do not know,' Strider answered.  'It is too distant to make
    out.  It is like lightning that leaps up from the hill-tops.'
Approaching Weathertop
          Aragorn in the lead...
Approaching Weathertop (Aragorn leading, hobbits following)  
...hobbits following - Frodo,
Merry, Pippin and Sam
(and Bill the Pony)

Amon Sûl 

The Ruins at Weathertop


The Nazgûl prepare to attack


Frodo faces the Ringwraiths
The Ringwraiths Advance

The Ringwraiths advance
Facing the Ringwraiths !
Sam and Frodo, with
Pippin (in front) and Merry
(two more versions below)




Pippin and Sam in front, Frodo and Merry behind 

Frodo feels the despair communicated by the Ringwraiths 
Nazgul and Hobbits at Weathertop Frodo feels the Ringwraiths despair



Sam, Frodo,
Pippin (in front), Merry
Reprise:  Sam, Frodo,
Pippin (in front), Merry

<- Pippin, Sam and Merry with flaming
brands to fend off the Ringwraiths      


<-Nazgûl facing Aragorn ->

Aragorn draws his sword
and engages the enemy

Aragorn, drawing his sword (NOT Anduril)





Click for a larger image
Strider/Aragorn striking at the Ringwraiths


Aragorn throws a burning torch
Aragorn throws
a burning torch

One Nazgûl burns,
Aragorn fights another


Another shot of
Aragorn and the Nazgûl
One Nazgul burns, Aragorn fights another (slightly different version)
Aragorn fights the Ringwraith


Frodo wonders what to do... 
Frodo contemplates putting on the Ring

Power Can Be Held
In the Smallest of Things
Three Rings for the Elven-kings
under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-lords
in their halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Men
doomed to die,
One for the Dark Lord
on his dark throne,
In the Land of Mordor
where the Shadows lie,

One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Mordor
where the Shadows lie.

One Ring
To Rule Them All
  One Ring to Find Them

The Ring!
...And In the Darkness Bind Them !  

Frodo attempting to flee  
from the Ringwraiths  

<- Frodo fights the will of Sauron...

...compelling him to put on the ring ->
...compelling him to put on the ring

<- Closer and closer...

...and then it's ON !! ->

Frodo enters the Ringwraiths
world - he can see them ...  

The Ringwraiths are uncloaked !!!  

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