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Official LOTR sites:
Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings
This is the official 'Lord of the Rings' site, belonging to and maintained by New Line Cinema. As well as the above version, they also have a 'non-flash' version, which is a very thoughtful gesture that is much appreciated by those of us Neanderthals (like myself) who are still on slow, telephone-modem lines.

Lord of the Rings Official Fan Club

Lord of the Rings Fan Club
This is the official 'Lord of the Rings Fan Club' site, owned and maintained by New Line Cinema and Tolkien Enterprises.  They intend to offer various exclusive services, contests, and options (like advance purchase preferences, discounts in the club store, etc.), as well as a bi-monthly magazine (which is supposed to have images that won't be available elsewhere, etc., etc.).  Don't know what it costs to join, but I don't think I want to spend any more than I already will be on books, costumes and going to the movie theatre about 65 times!!


Lord of the Rings Soundtrack (featuring Enya)
I don't know how 'official' this site is, but it does appear to be affiliated with New Line Cinema and Tolkien Enterprises and it DOES have a selection from the upcoming soundtrack.  At the current time (when I'm adding this link to this page), there is just the one song - a .wav file featuring Enya singing the first 30 seconds from the piece that is supposedly playing over the closing credits of FOTR:  'May it Be' - but presumably more will later be added.  There is also a neat 'Flash' page that loads to go along with the song. These are both large files, though, so on a slow line be prepared to wait, but it is well worth it!

Official LOTR Actor's sites:

Billy Boyd's Official Site (Pippin Took)
I suppose eventually Billy will become known for other things than LOTR, but for now I'm just putting in the link to the main page of his site. Somewhere within is some link that sends a lot of visitors my way, for which I thank him!

Sir Ian McKellen's 'Grey Book' (Gandalf)
As part of his official site, Sir Ian McKellen has a section on his experiences making Lord of the Rings'.  It includes 'The Grey Book' (his journals), as well as photographs and responses to questions that fans have emailed to him.
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