This 'Home' page lists all the LOTR links that I have, but I've broken them down into various sections. You can link directly to those sites from here, but for a more detailed description of them (including their banner/logo, where possible), go to the individual 'section' pages.

NOTE:  All of the following links were valid and working the last time I checked (except where otherwise noted), but no guarantee (or endorsement) should be inferred by their presence here.  However, if you do encounter any problems, I'd appreciate it if you would let me know via email.  BTW, just means the site is 'new' to my list, not that it is necessarily a recently created website (though some are).
Section 1 - 'Official LOTR Sites' Page
  -   Lord of the Rings (sponsored by New Line Cinema)
  -   Lord of the Rings Fan Club (sponsored by Decipher)
  -   Lord of the Rings Soundtrack (featuring Enya)

  -   Billy Boyd's Official Site (Pippin Took)
  -   Sir Ian McKellen's 'Grey Book' (Gandalf)
Section 2 - 'Fan Sites' Page
  -   The One Ring (TORn - the best!)

  -   alleycatscratch (LOTR costumes)
  -   Ardalambion (Of the Tongues of Arda)
  -   (The) Bag End Inn
  -   Bit of Earth (Fanclub of Samwise Gamgee)
  -   (The) Council of Elrond (Forums from 'Imladris')
  -   Destroy the Ring (Forums)
  -   (The) Encyclopedia of Arda
  -   Fellowship of the Wordsmiths (Elvish and other Tolkien Languages!)
  -   Frodo and Sam
  -   Hobbit Lore (Hobbit Wisdom / LOTR Personality Test)
  -   (The) Hobbit Name Generator
  -   Lilith's LOTR Fansite
  -   Minas Tirith (Forums)
  -   My Precious (Flash Shockwave)
  -   Nine Companions
  -   (The) Palantir (aka 'The Seeing Stone')
  -   Ringzone
  -   TLOTR (The Lord of the Rings)
  -   (A) Tolkien Dictionary
  -   Tolkien Movies
  -   (The) Tolkien Network
  -   Tolkien Online
  -   War of the Ring
Section 3 - 'Non-English Sites' Page
  -   Angrenost (French)
  -   Elbakin (French)
  -   Fantasy Planet (Czech - not currently responding)
  -   Fantasy-SciFi Network (Czech - LOTR section)
  -   Herr der Ringe (German)
  -   (The) Fellowship (Dutch / Benelux)
  -   Numenor (French)
  -   Sphaerentor (German - Tolkien section)
Section 4 - 'Associated Sites' Page
  -   Ain't It Cool News (sample article)
  -   Bag End 2 (21st Century Hobbit Hole)
  -   (The) Compleat Sean Bean (LOTR section)
  -   Dark Horizons (Australian)
  -   Decipher (TCG - Trading Card Game, LOTR section)
  -   E Online (Force of Hobbit)
  -   (The) Electric Penguin ('Waiting for Frodo' section)
  -   Frostyland (The Corner of Viggo, i.e. Aragorn)
  -   Glenorchy Air (The Trilogy Trail)
  -   Houghton Mifflin (LOTR Publisher)
  -   Moviefone (sample article)
  -   Scoop (New Zealand - sample article)
  -   Stuff (New Zealand - no sample article available)
Section 5 - 'Discontinued Sites' Page (some are just inactive)
  -   Elostirion (now non-LOTR)
  -   Englander's (now inactive)
  -   IGN Filmforce (LOTR section - now disappeared)
  -   Imladris (discontinued - see '(The) Council of Elrond')
  -   Jim Calagon (humor site - now disappeared)
  -   McGuffnstuff Maps (completely disappeared)
  - (Czech site - now inactive)
  -   Realm of the Ring (now empty)
  -   Ringbearer (now just blank)
  -   (The) Rings of Power (still there, but used to be better)
  -   Tol Galen (completely disappeared)
  -   (The) Tolkien Guild (parked - domain name now up for sale)
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