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Book 1, Prologue:

Card #3 (M of M) - Prologue

Dwarven-smiths forge bracers for fit and agility
Card #242 - Prologue

Orcs obey the Dark Lord unquestioningly

Card #29 - Prologue

Hard and bitter is the Elven hatred of Orcs, for they have lost many kinsmen to Orc savagery
Card #18 (M of M) - Prologue

"...many great princes and captains were assembled."
Card #62 - Prologue

"It recalled to me the glory of the Elder Days and the hosts of Beleriand, so many great princes and captains were assembled."

Card #92 - Prologue

"Then Elendil the Tall and his mighty sons, Isildur and Anárion, became great lords;  and the North-realm they made in Arnor, and the South-realm in Gondor..."
Card #254 - Prologue

The armies of Elendil and Gil-galad inflamed Sauron's anger and hatred
Card #107 - Prologue

The Kingdom of Gondor has smiths much practiced in creating strong tools of war

Card #43 - Prologue

Keen Elven eyes see farther and more clearly than those of Men or Dwarves
Card #101 - Prologue

Soldiers of the White Tower have long appreciated the craftsmanship of the Gondorian metalsmiths
Card #41 - Prologue

"We live now upon an island amid many perils, and our hands are more often upon the bowstring than upon the harp."

Card #63 - Prologue

"What power still remains lies with us, here in Imladris, or with Cirdan at the Havens, or in Lórien.  But have they the strength, have we here the strength to withstand the Enemy...?"
Card #66 - Prologue

"Gil-galad was an Elven-king / Of him the harpers sadly sing; / the last whose realm was fair and free / between the Mountains and the Sea."

Card #93 (M of M) - Prologue

A Ring of Power would not stop the blade of an assassin lying in wait
Card #240 - Prologue

Far more Orcs has Sauron bred in the pits under Barad-dûr than Saruman could ever imagine
Card #264 - Prologue

Where volleys of Orcish arrows fly, the defenders of the West fall

Card #249 - Prologue

Gondor has long been a target for the wrath of Sauron the Great
Card #114 - Prologue

From out of the depths of the Sea, from the foundered land of Númenor, came Elendil to Middle-earth to found the kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor
Card #103 - Prologue

"In panoply of ancient kings, / in chainéd rings he armoured him; / his shining shield was scored with runes / to ward all wounds and harm from him..."

Card #115 - Prologue

"Believe not that in the land of Gondor the blood of Númenor is spent, nor all its pride and dignity forgotten."
Card #49 - Prologue

"But Sauron of Mordor assailed them, and they made the Last Alliance of Elves and Men, and the hosts of Gil-galad and Elendil were mustered..."
Card #105 - Prologue

Through the long years, the Men of the Tower of (the) Guard have shielded the West from the minions of the Eye.

Card #241 - Prologue

The Dark Lord harbors an ancient hatred for descendants of Gil-galad and those that marched with his gleaming host
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