Display Modified Screencaps (in Book Order) from the
Two Towers Preview on the August 6th DVD
Book Three and Book Four
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Book Three:

<- A band (éored) of Rohirrim
riding across the plains

On the edge of Fangorn following ->
the battle with the Uruk-hai


<- Rohirrim surrounding Legolas,
Gimli and Aragorn

Éomer talking with the Three ->
Hunters (Legolas' back on right)

Legolas, Gandalf and Aragorn
(and presumably Gimli also)...

...ascending the steps of
Meduseld, the Golden Hall

<- Théoden, King of the Mark of Rohan
(Aragorn behind on the right)

Inside Meduseld ->
(or later at Helm's Deep?)

Grima Wormtongue...

...being expelled from Rohan

<- Elrond, convincing Galadriel to
send Elves to Helm's Deep

Gandalf on Shadowfax ->
in the Edoras stables


Helm's Deep - Before the Battle


Saruman rallying the...

...Wildmen of Dunland

At the Battle of Helm's Deep

<- Elven Bowmen (cloaked)
going up to the walls

Aragorn leading the Elves ->
fighting (with swords)
Helm's Deep - Aragorn leading the Elves fighting (with swords)

The Glittering Caves of Aglarond?
(during or after the main battle)

<- Uruk-hai     /     Éowyn ->

Book Four:

<- Faramir's sword at Frodo's throat

Frodo speaking to Faramir ->

Sam and Frodo...

...climbing up from a valley
Orc with a scimitar

(presumably from Mordor)

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