Display Modified Screencaps (in Book Order) from the
FOTR Special Edition Preview on the August 6th DVD
Prologue, Book One, Book Two
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Isildur, following the
Orc attack, putting...

...on the ring to escape
(but it betrayed him)
Book One:
Bilbo in his study at Bag End...
Bilbo in his study at Bag End,
working on a chapter of his book:
'Concerning Hobbits', part of
the Red Book of Westmarch
...working on a chapter of his book...
'There and Back Again...

'There and Back Again - A Hobbit's Tale', by Bilbo Baggins
...A Hobbit's Tale',
by Bilbo Baggins
Merry and Pippin...
Merry and Pippin in 'The Green Dragon'
...in 'The Green Dragon'
Frodo and Sam, watching...
<- Frodo and Sam, watching the Elves
who are passing through the Shire
on their way to the Grey Havens

Closer view of the Elves ->
...the Elves who are passing through...
Frodo and Sam...

...watching the Elves
Book Two:
Departure from Rivendell...
Departure from Rivendell - Arwen says farewell
...Arwen says farewell
Legolas and Gandalf...
Legolas and Gandalf in the Mines of Moria
...in the Mines of Moria

<- Elves and all, up on the Lórien flets

First view of Caras Galadhon ->


<- The elves' gift of rope to Sam

Gimli remembers Galadriel ->

A log with eyes!

Gollum on the Anduin

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