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Book Three (Page 2)
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Book Three, Chapter VII:  Helm's Deep
                          Scene 1:  Preparations for Battle
Aragorn looking up the valley

to the fastness of Helm's Deep
Book Three, Unknown Chapter(s)/Scene(s)
Aragorn, speaking to...

...Théoden at Meduseld?

Gandalf speaking to either
Aragorn or Théoden

Over the Misty Mountains

(sunrise or sunset?)

Aragorn and Arwen

Arwen and Aragorn

(Is he sleeping or dead or ?)




Flashback to Gilraen's grave:
Elrond speaking to Aragorn
"Our time here is ending..."



Elrond in Rivendell
(speaking to Arwen?)





Elrond in Rivendell...

(watching Elves leaving?)

(times and places unknown)
Possibly after Aragorn's death



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