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Book Three, Page 1
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Book Three, Chapter II:  The Riders of Rohan
                        Scene 1:  The Three Hunters, The Rohirrim, Their Meeting
Aragorn and Legolas looking...

...out over the Plains of Rohan
Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli...
Aragorn and Legolas have finished descending to the Plains of Rohan
...crossing Rohan at sunset
Rohirrim riding over a hill...
Rohirrim riding over a hill
on the Plains of Rohan
...on the Plains of Rohan
The Three Hunters watching them come...



Éomer asking them their business

Aragorn (and his horse?) looking up at Éomer
Éomer giving his final warning
Book Three, Chapter III:  The Uruk-Hai
                         Scene 1:  Battle with the Rohirrim, Merry and Pippin Escape
Uruk-hai, crossing Rohan

(meeting Mordor Orcs?)

<- Night Battle:  Uruk-hai
ready to fight Rohirrim

Ugluk (?) ->

Rohirrim charging through Uruk-hai
Rohirrim on Horseback:

<- Charging through Uruk-hai
Firing arrows ->
Rohirrim firing arrows from horseback
Merry and Pippin

(just before their escape?)
Merry running...
Merry running from Treebeard,
then being picked up (below)

A 'hand' reaching down...
...and picking him up...

Fangorn forest...
Fangorn forest, at sunrise
...at sunrise
Book Three, Chapter V:  The White Rider
                        Scene 1:  The Return of Gandalf

<- Gandalf appearing in a flash of light!
Aragorn looking up in amazement ->
Aragorn looking up in amazement

<- Gandalf looking down benevolently
The Three Hunters looking up ->
The Three Hunters looking up
In a flashback, Gandalf tells them about
In a flashback, Gandalf tells them about
falling into the abyss with the Balrog
...falling into the abyss with the Balrog

"Down and down we fell..."
until they reached the very bottom

Gandalf, upside-down...
Gandalf, upside-down, presumably after his ordeal
...presumably after his ordeal
Book Three, Chapter VI:  The King of the Golden Hall
                         Scene 2:  Théoden and Grima, Éowyn and Aragorn
Aragorn, smoking his pipe

(after sparring with Éowyn?)

Gandalf and Théoden
discussing the situation

Théoden after talking with Gandalf

(Legolas, Aragorn and Hama? in background)

Éowyn and some refugee children:
'They had no warning...'

Éowyn outside Meduseld...
Éowyn outside Meduseld, looking out over Rohan
...looking out over Rohan
Book Three, Chapter VI:  The King of the Golden Hall
                         Scene 3:  Théodred's Funeral, Edoras Refugee Exodus, Warg Attack
Gandalf (with Théoden?)

at Théodred's funeral
Théoden and Gandalf...
Théoden and Gandalf
at Théodred's sunrise funeral
(just before leaving Edoras)
...at Théodred's sunrise funeral
Théoden is grieving...

...for his only son, Théodred

<- Éowyn is looking up (at Théoden?)
Théoden looking down (at Éowyn?) ->





<- Éowyn asking Aragorn who
gave him the necklace

Aragorn isn't saying anything ->

Éowyn, speaking to Aragorn

(previously, or later?)

<- Éowyn looking over at something

Aragorn and the Rohirrim riding off ->
(to meet the Warg Riders?)





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