Colleen Meade
2001 Christmas Letter
This year can be summed up with two phrases:  'Lord of the Rings' (hereinafter referred to as LOTR) and 'Digital Photography'.  Also, largely due to LOTR, I am way, way behind in doing this letter, so I am going to upload the little bit that I have finished so that I can email the 'cards', then I will let you know when/if I (finally!) get it completed - maybe sometime in the new year...

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I spent untold hours working on my LOTR website. Although this brought in absolutely no money, it did result in tens of thousands of visitors to my website (and hundreds of thousands of 'hits').  I've corresponded with the webmasters of all the major fan websites, as well as with numerous people who have written me about my site.  Altogether, it has been a very rewarding experience, although in hindsight, I'm sure I should have been doing something more 'sensible'.  To visit my site in it's current incarnation (very different from the way it looked at this time last year), click here. or on the top image on the left.

Then, after a wait of over two years, the big day finally arrived - the movie premiere. Kathleen and I got tickets for the first show on December 19th, at which time no late show for the 18th had yet been scheduled.  When they did announce a showing for 10:00 p.m. on the 18th, we went out and got tickets for that one as well.  We'd earlier purchased material for two capes to make to wear as our costumes for the premieres;  Kathleen went as the Elven Queen 'Galadriel' and I went as the Elven Princess 'Arwen'.  To visit a webpage with a number of photographs of us in them, click here or on the bottom image on the left.

For Halloween this year, Kathleen was a 'Leopard'.  She had a fabulous make-up job, which she wore in to school that day.  I haven't had time to create the latest webpage of her halloween picture that I do each year, so if you click on the image on the right, it will just pop you over to the 'inside' Christmas card page, since that is the photograph that I used (it is the same link that is down at the bottom of this page).

We also had fun carving another four pumpkins - this year we picked the subjects first, then had to find the right-shaped pumpkins to match.  We decided to do our favorite 'Pooh' characters:  Winnie, Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger.  Unfortunately, I haven't had time yet to do a webpage of them either, so clicking here or on the image will just pop up a larger version.  Once again, we didn't have nearly as many kids as the last couple of years - I think people were still kind of worried from 9/11 (50, compared to 60 last year, as opposed to 90 in the preceding years).


Here is Snowball again, in a photo taken with the digital camera this time, (probably wondering if his humilitation will ever end, poor baby!). He speaks for all of us when we say that we hope you had a wonderful 2001 and that you have a fabulous holiday season. And may 2002 bring you another interesting year.

All the best to you and yours...
      Colleen and Kathleen (and Snowball, Mocha, Smudge and Wuffums)

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