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T.R.A.P. - Tsawwassen Residents Against the Pit - is a group of concerned citizens who are strongly opposed to the gravel pit that is currently planned for the border in Point Roberts.  We are determined to do everything that we can to stop this project from being approved.

The following pages will provide information on this action, both the original description of the problem as well as the latest developments.  Also, other pages give information on the T.R.A.P. organizers (who can be contacted to learn more about this issue) as well as on the politicians (who can be contacted in an effort to do something about it).  Form letters are also available to be printed out and sent to the politicians involved, to impress upon them the concerns of the electorate.  Click on the 'button' or the underlined page title to branch to that page.
Latest News Update(s) These are the updates that have been issued to keep T.R.A.P. members informed on the latest developments.
Original Flyer (Handbill) This is the complete text of the original flyer (i.e. handbill) that was distributed by T.R.A.P. to Tsawwassen residents on June 27th, 2000.
Form Letter to Lois Jackson
(Mayor of Delta)
These two pages contain 'form letters' that you can use in order to register your concerns.  Just print them out, fill them in and send them to the two elected local government officials primarily involved (one responsible for Delta, the other responsible for Point Roberts).  Remember, numbers count, so if there is more than one adult in your household, you should each send separate letters.  If you don't want to mail them, just drop them in Bob Barlow's mailbox at his house at 24 Sherwood Place.  Because we don't want any extraneous text on these pages, there is nowhere on them to link back to this page, so you will have to use the 'Back' arrow on the toolbar above your window.
Form Letter to Barbara Brenner
(Whatcom County Council)
T.R.A.P. Contacts Here are the phone numbers and addresses (regular and email) of the T.R.A.P. contacts.
Politicians Here are the addresses and phone numbers of the Delta and Point Roberts (Whatcom County) politicians you can/should contact.

This page last updated on:  July 4th, 2000

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